Solar Calendar


A Tribute to Chavez and Dolores

The Memorial Solar Calendar Project seeks to honor Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta by linking his memory to the cycles of the earth and sun — an appropriate tribute to farm workers who have always lived by understanding the rhythm of the seasons. Horizon Calendars were some of the earliest mechanisms that utilized the apparent movement of the sun along the horizon to determine when to plant and when to harvest. The virtual tour serves as educational resource for everyone to learn about Chavez/Dolores work and learn about the land they are on. 

The Solar Calender can be found in Cesar Chavez Park, Berkeley. CA. 

The Four Virtues

The Memorial Solar Calendar will be sculptural elements and educational activities that will honor four key virtues of Chávez and Dolores: 






The EAST is commonly associated metaphorically with the rising sun , birth, new beginnings, & hope. And the Spring season begins a new cycle in nature and the planting season of agriculture.

The struggle to create the United Farm Workers Union is just one example of Cesar Chavez’s many optimistic efforts that made poor and hard working people hopeful of achieving a better life.


In 1988 César undertook a 25-day water only “Fast for Life” aimed at a labor movement that was unraveling due to frustration & intolerance. Chávez said he would fast until union members renewed THEIR pledge to respectful action.

The NORTH is often linked with Winter. It offers natural beauty, but also hardship, scarcity & adversity. For many traditional cultures the North is linked with their ancestors, who migrated from the North looking for a better life. The ancestors metaphorically represent knowledge, patience and tolerance.


In 1971, Arizona passed a law outlawing boycotts. Labor leaders kept telling César: “No se puede! — A campaign against the law is futile.” Chávez answered “Sí, se puede!” (Yes, it can be done”), and it became a rallying cry of the movement.

The SOUTH is often linked with the warmth of the sun and the agricultural growing season. Metaphorically it is linked to the growth cycle of youth into adulthood and the determination needed to meet new challenges.


César & the United Farm Workers endured the taunts, threats & physical attacks by hired bullies with one primary defense: a courageous commitment to non-violence.

The WEST is commonly associated metaphorically with sunset and darkness, the end of the Autumn harvest cycle, and fear of the unknown.  Courage allows us to face the unknown and take a stand based on principled